Buying / Selling Property

Note to Buyers: Office staff at Callaway 2 Water needs to see proof of ownership (i.e. a warranty deed, etc.) before your account can be activated, so please bring the appropriate paperwork with you.

Buying or Selling Property With Existing Water Meter

For People Selling Property

Notify the Callaway 2 Water District office by calling 573-642-6898 and let us know the date for property closing so that our staff can read your water meter on that date for the final bill.

For People Buying Property

Please, complete the Application for Water Service or call the office at 573-642-6898 so we can get the information that will need to go on the Water User Agreement.

You will then  need to come by our office to sign a water user agreement and pay the $50.00 meter deposit by cash, check, credit card, debit card, or money order.
If purchasing property where the meter is locked, an additional $60.00 reconnection fee may apply.

Buying Property Without Existing Water Service

If you purchase property WITHOUT Water District water and you are desirous of service, please contact our office @ 573-642-6898 or complete and return the Application for Water Service prior to purchase to determine availability and necessary steps for procurement of that water.
Come by our office to sign a water user agreement, pay $1,200.00 meter setting fee, $50.00 meter deposit (cash, check, credit card, debit card, or money order), and in some situations, an engineering fee of $625.00 may be necessary. You may also have to sign a legal easement.